FAQ on Home Building Renovations

Build Renovate Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

I would like to renovate because I feel like my house is old and needs a fresh look, where do I start?

Request a free quotation and we will provide you with options and estimated costs based on your renovation requirements and you can contact us when you are ready for us to start working on your house.

I have spoken to different companies and they all say they can renovations to my house, what makes Build Renovate Johannesburg different?

Yes, there is a lot of companies who do what we do, the only difference is that we specialize in home building and renovations and have focused on nothing else durring the years which is important in regards to our ability to transforming any house.

Can I buy the materials myself and pay for your labour costs only?

Yes, you can source building materials yourself and we will be happy to quote you only the work we will do. Most customers choose to let us source materials only due to the fact that we get discounted prices from suppliers.

Do I have to move out the house while you do renovations?

It all depends on how big the renovation is, smaller renovations do not require you to move out as we always tidy and clean when we are done working at the end of the day. For bigger projects you may require to move out the house for a few days, we do work fast to ensure that you are back into your home as soon as possible.

Do you renovate bathrooms and kitchens?

Yes, we provide renovations for rooms in the house as well as the entire house. We can work on any space in and out of the house from living areas, bedrooms to garages and patios.